To identify a problem within a single app, product, or website and redesign a system that embodies a solution. 


BYS stands for Build Yourself Strong and is a company that is focused on connecting young girls all around the world to help inspire each other to build businesses. BYS main struggle is finding a single platform for its users. Before, they used multiple apps to communicate but after speaking with the founder we came up with the solution of creating an app that meets all their needs and helps young girls find a voice. The app gives a stable platform for both mentors and mentees by giving them a set guideline to follow all the while aiding in the development

of their skills and connection with those who share the same vision.



The set up is a crucial part of the app. This is where the user states why she is there, what her goals are, and what she’s interested in. This helps customize the app according to the

her personal aspirations. 


Another key feature of the BYS is how it connects young women to others who share the same aspirations and mentors who wish to pass on the knowledge of their craft. 


One of the main features of the app is how the mentor and mentee are able to communicate. Once paired together the

two are able to form feasible goals and asses how those are going to be accomplished through message and video chat.


The dashboard is customized for the user with suggestions on things that might interest her, articles along the chosen field and others that may relate, and recommendations on workshops that she would find beneficial based on what she's completed.


The profile is keeps track of the users personal goals, allows others to see what she is currently working on, and if the user

is in any groups or has a mentor. It can also lead others to other social media platforms.


This feature is for the users who would like to add additional skill under their belt and further their learning experience with BYS. These are tutorials or informational videos with listed

steps on how to complete or notes on the content.