To identify a problem with and create an app using the design principles to make a functional and asthetically pleasing interface that allows users a new and innovative expirence.

SAI is an app that helps a user in search of clothing. It allows the user
to take a picture of an item of clothing, patterns and accessories then helps you find the same piece or something similar online or in a store near the user. SAI is a functional app that only requires a camera and
internet. The concept  of SAI is to aide any type of shopper with their personal and unique style. It is the solution to every persons shopping hassles as it has an in-store and online mode. The more one uses the app the more it becomes accustomed to its user and begins to adapt

to thier buying habits giving them a better shopping expirence. 





One of the main features of the app is how the user is able to take a photo of clothing. Once this photo is taken it uses the web to see if there are any items similar online or in a store near the user.


This mode is a special feature as it gives you locations to the users desired item. It’s a simple feature that shows you where your item is and how to get there.


Besides being a shopping app, SAI is also a place to connect to new people. For those who use the app continuously the interface

will become more accustomed to their buying patterns and even begin to recommend certain stores and give notification on sales and deals.


Once the user finds the desired item they are able to buy

it like they would any item online. The app also allows

the user to track their orders without having to open up

another application making shopping easier.